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The Weekly Kindergarten News!

We made it to the second week! Woohoo!!! Our week was filled with silly and educational at the same time. Counting our caterpillar was a huge hit this week, and we are on our tenth day of school. They are super excited to have a turn exploring on the calendar and discussing the weather each day! We took our journal class outside this week. We needed that sunshine!!!

We also learned some new vocabulary (equal, saliva, chapter, and scenery) we had a relaxed second week, and the students are enjoying their circle time. We discussed our themes and stared our science and language researching about our body parts.

Math was all about counting and creating different designs and patterns! We even referred to our clothes to see what kind of designs are out there, and we will continue to explore more in this area to expand our knowledge.

Language: After exploring with our Zoo-phonics, we made our letters (using flour, oil, and water). Our assignment was to differentiate the upper and lower case letters. We will be exploring more with our letters in the coming few weeks.

The next day we shared on a big piece of paper about ourselves. We had our name pictures and shared what our favorite food is. We also put our country flag, and we will continue to add more in the coming few weeks.

Next week plans

Monday- Math (creating shapes, designs, and counting)

Tuesday- Library and Art

Wednesday- Literacy (identifying upper and lower case letters)

Thursday- Story Telling

Friday- Science (human anatomy)

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