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Monthly Updates of Early Pre-k and Pre-k

November Updates

Another month passed by with sweet memory and fun times. We had to say goodbye and off our three precious friends to kindergarten. We also had some explanation to do why they moved and when will the others move too, we always prepare ourselves to that! But now it is becoming a motivation for them in a fun way, for us, because every time they are doing something, they will ask, “if I do this I go to kindergarten?” and we would say, “Ha! Yes you will!”

What we have done this month

Math: this month math focus was and still is about counting and shapes. Counting is almost our daily schedule, we use it in a game, on our daily board and every chance we get. We started our exploration about shapes in a very fun and simple way by going out and finding shapes they know in the school. The past month, we have covered about 2D shapes and counting sides. We are still discovering more 2D shapes with more than 5 sides. We also introduced them what 3D shapes are and the difference between the 2D and 3D shapes.

Literacy: this month Literacy included, worksheets about sounds, finding middle sounds, story telling in our journal session, matching upper case letter with lower case letters in our board messages and memorizing sight words. One of the most interesting parts our group enjoys was reading CVC word. We have been doing more on sounds of letters and they are getting pretty good at it.

Science: as you all remember, our groups were interested in planets and the Sun still is. We have been doing a lot of digging and exploration about it. Now we are at a level were we are creating our own solar system! One new thing they discover in the making of our project is ‘Paper Mache’. We are still continuing making the planets and the Sun. We have been discovering a lot of fun facts about our solar system.

Cooperative games and fine motor skill: now we have created corners for our class that can help them in fine motor skills. When they come in the morning, we read one or two books then after, they play with puzzle, play dough and magnets. This is not only for their fine motor skills but it will also helps in their creative thinking and problem solving. Cooperative games are always their top favorite thing to do especially if it includes water balloon! It is helping them in their social skills, communication and bonding friendship.

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